Resolving divorce or separation issues around the table


Authored by Catherine Sousa

You may have seen my previous blog about the Hampshire Family Legal Solutions option. Here is the link so you can get up to speed -

The second case using this pilot model has just been concluded, with me representing the wife, and with crucial involvement from the family consultant and pensions expert. The holistic approach of offering the clients emotional, financial and legal support in one process was refreshing and professionally a very satisfying experience. The couple otherwise would probably have ended up in court arguing over some of their financial claims against each other, but they have managed to resolve matters in a much more cost effective and dignified manner.

We had three meetings around the table in total, over a couple of months. The speed with which matters can be resolved using this model is therefore evident. It is possible to achieve so much more sitting around a table than letters going backwards and forwards between solicitors in the traditional way, which can take much longer.

It is hoped the approach will continue to gain momentum as more clients go through the process and find it helps them to resolve matters. Currently there are four of us lawyers in the group, as well as a family consultant and financial adviser. Here is our website for more details -