Have you received an email from HFLS via your partner/former spouse? Are you wondering why?

Why should I read this email?

The email gives useful information about different ways you can sort things out. There are website links with further information. There is also the offer to call the sender if you would like to.

Why should I talk to one of the HFLS family law practitioners?

We work in a way tailored to support you and your family through any separation / divorce, and/or to help with anything relating to any children you may have if needed.

Why should I consider having a foundation meeting?

At the meeting you would both have time with one of our neutral family consultants to explore and assist with any issues such as communicating with each other, any matters relating to any children you may have, any support you might both need.

You would also have time with one of our neutral financial consultants to consider things like any pensions, life insurance policies etc. Both lawyers would also be present.

There is no obligation after the foundation meeting to do anything. We will suggest what we think is the best way you and your partner / spouse can sort things out for you both to consider. There is no compulsion, and you can both take as much time as you need to reflect before deciding how to deal with things.

How much would I have to pay for a foundation meeting?

We charge a fixed fee of £1,000 plus VAT, £500 plus VAT (£600) each.

What if I already have a lawyer who is not in the HFLS group?

You are still welcome to have a foundation meeting after meeting with one of our family law practitioners so you can have the opportunity to explore things as mentioned above.

What is the success rate?

Working together in the holistic way offered by HFLS has helped many couples over the years. The vast majority find the process provides the help and support they need at a really challenging time in their lives and ensures fighting in court is avoided.


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