The Role of the Financial Neutral

The financial neutral is a qualified independent financial adviser with a specialist knowledge of how the divorce process works when considering dividing financial assets, from a financial advice rather than legal perspective.

The role of the financial neutral in the HFLS process begins in the Foundation Meeting when we would normally meet both parties together. This is important in the establishment of openness and without the lawyers present.

For a high proportion of separating couples dividing financial assets and in particular pension assets can represent a challenge in two important areas; understanding and fairness. The involvement of a financial neutral firstly ensures an equal understanding for all, and secondly helps by suggesting options and looking at the ways in which a fair outcome can be achieved.

Pensions often rank alongside the matrimonial home as amongst the largest financial assets and should not be ignored.

The rules surrounding financial products and in particular pensions are complex and can be very confusing. The financial neutral can provide an impartial and objective view to both parties to raise awareness and explain in understandable language, rather than pension or legal jargon, of what they have, and what options are available for dividing the assets, or to set out other different ways of achieving financial fairness for each party.

There is ample opportunity to ask questions on areas which can otherwise be daunting, like pension rules which baffle most people. This safe space to ask such questions helps to build confidence from the very beginning towards a positive ultimate outcome in an informed and plain English format.


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