About Hampshire Family Legal Solutions

The HFLS model has been designed to help couples separate with dignity and without using the court process. The model focuses upon solutions and results tailored to the family by identifying common goals and working as a professional team to ensure a fair and cost effective outcome is achieved.

The cornerstone of the model is professional teamwork and ensures that you both have expert advice in all three core areas: legal, financial and emotional. Any children of the family will always be considered first and foremost and their needs will be at the centre of any decisions to be made.

Further Information

Information Meeting

The first step is to attend an information meeting with any of our members. There is no charge for this meeting and the meeting is likely to last between 20-30 minutes. It is always best for the couple to attend together so you both have the same information at the outset, although if you have separate meetings with different members we can still work under the HFLS model. Please contact any of our members on the attached list to arrange a meeting.

Intake Meeting

The second step is to attend an intake meeting. There is a fixed shared cost of £1,000 + VAT (total £1,200) for this meeting. You will both meet with a neutral family consultant, a neutral financial consultant and with your own independent lawyer separately. All 4 professionals in the team will take the time to understand what is important for you both individually and for your family as a whole. We will identify common goals and areas of agreement. We will also identify areas where work is required to help you reach agreement. You are not under any obligation, nor tied into any process simply by attending an intake meeting.


After the intake meeting your professional team will design a bespoke, value for money package of services to help you negotiate and agree all matters. A proposal will be drafted for you both to consider that will be clear on costs and timescales.

Collaborative meetings

Once you have accepted and signed your proposal letter you will start work with your collaborative team, who will be the same team that you met at the intake meeting. There will be a series of joint round-table meetings as will have been detailed in your proposal letter and you will sign a Participation Agreement as your commitment not to go to court.


For more information about any of our services and to get a free quote, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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