The Role of the Family Consultant

The process you are considering is a three-part process: emotional; legal and financial. While everyone recognises the need for legal and financial help, they can overlook the need for emotional help and support. Emotions influence every aspect of how you are affected, how you conduct your part in the process and what decisions you make.

You are likely to find yourself experiencing a variety of emotions including grief, anger, guilt, a feeling of loss and often a feeling of loss of control. The help of a family consultant plays a vital role in helping you to find coping skills and mechanisms to deal with these emotions.

Helpful behaviours and communication also play a large part in the success of the process and, again, a family consultant will help you with both. Poor communication between you leads to misunderstandings and unnecessary stress.

A family consultant has the understanding, coaching and communication skills to help guide you, support you and help you to manage your own emotions and decision-making.

Having the support and assistance of a family consultant can also improve how healthy you are mentally and physically at the end of the process which can affect the success of the future you build for yourself and your family.

They can also provide guidance on childcare through this critical transition. One of the most important areas where a family consultant can be of help is to aid parents to help their children. This may cover many areas, such as building a parenting plan, how to explain and talk to their children about the divorce / separation and how mutually to support their children through the process and into their future.

Creating a good co-parenting relationship will help your children through this period of change and into a happy and more settled future.


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