Family Mediation

Family mediators are trained specially to help families make decisions and resolve any problems they may face when separating. Mediators are completely neutral and impartial, mediators do not make decisions for you or give legal advice, they provide information about all sorts of helpful things, such as financial details and all the practicalities. Our mediators are family lawyers to with many years of experience. What they do best this is to listen and find out what is important to you and help you to make your own choices about the best way forward.

It is entirely voluntary, and our experience tells us that having a safe and comfortable space to speak freely and confidentially, works well during what are often very stressful and emotional times. Mediators manage to the meetings and explain all of the options and legalities to you.

You can involve your solicitors or other family professionals, such as financial advisors, pension experts and/or family consultants.

Children can be included by using a child inclusive mediator for their own meetings. Child inclusive or family mediation can also be used in conjunction with other types of work, such as collaborative practice and early neutral evaluations.

Within Hampshire Family Legal Services, we can offer mediators across the South Coast to see you in person. If you prefer online mediation we deal with clients in England and Wales and overseas too.


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