The Benefits of Including Neutrals in the Process from the Lawyer’s Perspective

The HFLS model is designed to help couples separate with dignity and avoid court. This approach considers all aspects of the separation which often involves the finances and children. Whilst the lawyers themselves have their own skill set, experience and knowledge, some issues that arise are often best considered with a more holistic rounded approach, rather than straight forward legal advice.

Any couple would no doubt say that the legal issues are the least important to them, they want to feel settled, back in control of their emotions, make sure the children are happy and spared anxiety, and have knowledge of their finances so that they can make informed decisions. It is these worries that the neutrals in the process are experts at dealing with.

Our family consultants can help the couple deal with management of the emotional roller coaster that is divorce and the financial neutrals provide expert easy to understand guidance on the money issues.

As a lawyer in this process and having worked with our neutrals, the professional team approach is invaluable, the process keeps in motion, it doesn’t stall and best of all for the clients can be shortened as full support for all aspects is provided along the way.

Having our professional neutrals as part of the process cannot be underestimated.

Ann Herd


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