What is it?

Arbitrators are appointed to make decisions that are final and binding on the participants. They can be used in financial cases and to help with making child-related arrangements.

This arbitration enables couples going through family breakdown to resolve differences more quickly, confidentially and in a more flexible and less formal setting than a courtroom. It is also usually much cheaper than a court application.

Your Arbitrator can help settle specific disagreements; it doesn’t have to be used to settle the whole case, making it a good option for couples who get ‘stuck’ on a particular issue.

What areas does the Financial Arbitration cover?

An arbitrator can help with most financial issues and differences that can arise during family relationships including how to divide the finances for married couples and civil partners or financial provision for children.

What areas does the Children Arbitration cover?

  • Generally, any issue between parents or other people holding parental responsibility or a sufficient interest in a child’s present or future welfare.
  • Where a child should live including shared living arrangements.
  • Visiting arrangements including holiday time to be spent with a non-residential parent.
  • Education.
  • Disputes concerning routine and nonlife-threatening medical treatment.



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