Hampshire Family Legal Solutions Resolution


Authored by Catherine Sousa

Couples going through a relationship breakdown will be faced with a myriad of issues - the legal implications of a separation, the emotional impact on the couple and their family and the financial consequences in the short, medium and long term.

Likened to a triangle, where legal, financial and emotional issues all have equal importance, it is crucial that the couple are supported on all three sides with sound advice from the outset. This will help them focus on the issues and make progress in resolving their dispute.

Resolution - a national body of 6500 family lawyers and other professionals - has a long standing history of championing ways to resolve disputes without going to court. One of these alternatives to court is the collaborative process, where the couple meet together with their lawyers in a series of face-to-face meetings to find constructive solutions for them and their family. Independent and impartial advisers can be brought in to ensure the necessary support is given and make up the "collaborative team".

Hampshire Family Legal Solutions recognises the early introduction of the collaborative team can be of huge benefit to the couple. A model has been introduced where the couple meet the neutral family consultant and financial adviser at an initial "intake" meeting. The team will take the time to understand what is important for the couple individually and for the family as a whole. Common goals and areas of agreement will be identified as well as areas where work is required to help them reach agreement. Everyone involved is absolutely committed to finding the best solutions by agreement rather than the court process, where a decision could be imposed that may not take into account all the issues.

Resolution sees this pioneering approach to be an exciting development which will ensure the couple have valuable and supported guidance throughout, meeting their emotional needs as well as finding constructive solutions which deal with the legal and financial aspects.